Best Vibrating Panties 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The best vibrating panties are capable of meeting your sexual fantasies. In fact, they are among the most intriguing yet satisfying sex toys available in the market today. It is the perfect sex toy for ladies who love the thrill and danger linked to public play. It is also the ultimate answer to your desire of improving your sexual pleasure in a more adventurous way.

It is convenient as it tends to rock you off regardless of where you are. With the help of these bad boys, it is possible for you to reach orgasm even if you are just simply sitting in the office or waiting room. You can even make it work while you are walking on the street.

If you are interested in these adult toys then here are ten top-of-the-line and awesome vibrating underwear that you have to check out.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Vibrating Panties 2019 (Reviewed)
  2. What are Vibrating Panties
  3. How Do Vibrating Panties Work
  4. Benefits of Vibrating Panties
  5. Factors to Consider When Buying a Vibrating Panty
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  7. Conclusion

Best Vibrating Panties 2019 (Reviewed)

Wireless Bluetooth App Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Wireless Bluetooth App Remote Control Vibrating Panties

These wireless vibrating panties are great for those who are just thinking of getting a beginner toy. For a seemingly complicated device, this is actually quite easy to use and offers great value. This is perfect both for girly girls who like to keep their sexual adventures on the private side and bolder women with an adventurous side to them who would love to use this device.

The design of these vibrating thongs was inspired by sanitary pads wherein it requires you to place them inside your panties and then wear them as you usually would. The garters of the panties themselves keep the device in place and perfectly held against your naughty bits. You can easily move around while wearing them, adding a bit more excitement to your otherwise boring days. You and your partner are the only ones who know your dirty little secret, which will only add more thrill and excitement to the act.


  • Comes with a free lace thong - There is a chance that the sexy black thong might not be in your style, but then again, it is a free sexy lace thong after all.
  • The remote vibrates too - You are essentially getting two naughty toys instead of just one. Not only can you play with the wireless thong, the remote controls that come with them can function as an egg vibrator too. This brings endless options for fun.
  • The vibrating panties wrap snugly around your underwear – It is pretty much like how a sanitary napkin or a panty liner would. This means it will not slip off when things get really steamy.
  • The panties and remote control come with rechargeable batteries - Whenever you are finished using them, just plug the USB recharging cable into the devices and plug the other end into any regular wall charger.
  • Bluetooth connectivity - If you want even more discreetness, like when you want to use this naughty little thing out in public, you just need to download the free app from the Google Play Store. You should then turn on the Bluetooth of your smart phone and pair it with the vibrating panties. No one will be the wiser when you pull out your smartphone and turn on the fun using it.


  • May not be your preferred style - The free panties that come with the item might not come in a style that you like. In fact, it might be the wrong size. However, as mentioned before, the thongs are free, so it would not be any skin off your nose if you did not like it.

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Quiet Vibrating Panties with Wireless Remote Control

Quiet Vibrating Panties with Wireless Remote Control

For the girl who wants to live on the edge, is not shy and likes to talk about sex, and gets a kick from extreme situations, the Quiet Vibrating Panty will be the perfect companion. The device itself is made from non-toxic and soft silicone material, so it will not irritate your skin. You can also wear it for extended periods without feeling any discomfort.

The vibrator is ergonomically shaped so it will fit the contours of your body perfectly. The soft silicone material also has a matte texture so it will not shift positions while you walk or while in use. Yes, this means you can use this device while you are out doing your errands. It is even easier to use in public because it is quiet. Ordinary mundane tasks will now seem exciting, thanks to this little naughty toy.

If you are looking for a discreet little plaything that you can take and use anywhere, the Quiet Vibrating Panty is the perfect gift that you can get for yourself. Now, if you are a guy looking for a nice little gift for that adorable minx that you call your girlfriend, this is the one thing that you need.


  • Small and compact design - This makes this a stealthy little wearable device. It is so small that no one can even tell you are wearing them, which adds to the excitement.
  • Strong vibration function - For such a tiny device, it sure does pack a lot of power. Do be careful when using it for the first time. Avoid using it at full power at once or else you might lose yourself in the sensation.
  • Easy to clean - The waterproof silicone cover of the mechanism makes it easy to clean and sanitize. Everything is sealed inside the silicone case so you do not need to worry about any water getting inside and causing damage. You can even use it in the hot tub or shower if you want.
  • Magnetic charging port - There are no exposed USB ports in the device. The way you charge it is by connecting the magnetic charging cable to the device.
  • The remote control is also quite small and stealthy – The remote control for the vibrating panties is about the size of a keychain, so you can easily conceal it in your palm if you need to.
  • Totally quiet – In fact, many users say that it is the quietest vibrating panties anyone can find in the market today. With that, they do not need to worry about bothering someone in public when it is turned on because it does not produce any noise.


  • Vibrations are too strong for some – While extremely strong vibrations are good for those who would really like to lose control, some find it a disadvantage because this means that they might also have a difficult time hiding their pleasure in public.

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Wireless Remote Control Butterfly Vibrating Panties

Wireless Remote Control Butterfly Vibrating Panties

Sometimes, a girl just needs to get off. It does not matter where she is, she just wants to feel good. However, that does not mean a woman has to abandon all of her sensibilities and proceed to do lewd things. Sexual satisfaction can still be achieved in a very discreet and yet effective manner, and that is by using vibrating panties, particularly the Butterfly Vibrating Panty.

What sets the Butterfly Vibrating Panty apart from the other women’s naughty little toys is that this one is completely discreet. You can use it anywhere you want, and the people around you will not even notice what you are doing, which for some people just adds to the pleasure.

The Butterfly Vibrating Panty is a small silicone-encased device that fits perfectly inside your underwear of choice. It fits pretty much like a sanitary napkin would. It is also quite thin so it will not bulge, thus you can use it regardless of your outfit for the day. 

However, the best feature about this vibrating panties is that you can choose from ten different vibration patterns. In other words, if you are not feeling it with one setting, you can just choose another and let the fun begin again.


  • 10 different vibration patterns – This allows you to pick the one that fits your particular needs. Do you like continuous, short bursts? Maybe you like the intensity of the vibrations to gradually rise and fall, or maybe you like regular spikes of stimulation? Whatever you are in the mood for, this vibrating panties can give you whatever it is you want.
  • Discreet size and design - This is not as bulky and obvious as a vibrator, but it does roughly the same thing, which is to make you feel really good. Sometimes, a gal just wants to go out in public and have a go. The excitement of doing it in the presence of others without them privy to what you are doing just adds to the pleasure.
  • Three points of stimulation - Unlike other vibrating panties that only have stimulation points for the clitoris, the Butterfly Vibrating Panty has two additional external stimulators, including the perineum.


  • Quite hard to understand controls - The controls for the Butterfly Vibrating Panty look like a jumble of words, but if you look closely, you can kind of make out what the buttons are saying. It would have been better if the instructional manual was not completely in stages, making this easier for you to use.

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Strap-on Vibrating Panties with Wireless Remote Control

Strap-on Vibrating Panties with Wireless Remote Control

Are you the adventurous type of gal who likes to live on the edge? Do you get a kick out of discreetly “playing” while you are out and about? If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, then you need to check out the Strap-on Vibrating Panty. Do not be fooled by the size of this tiny naughty thing, it actually packs quite a punch.

Regular dildos work quite well for their intended purpose, but you certainly could not just pull it out anywhere. Well, you can but you will be getting a lot of funny looks. Vibrating panties are much more up your alley (no pun intended) when you are into discreetly enjoying yourself in public. There is something about getting off with the people around you none the wiser.

If you are thinking of getting your first vibrating panties, the Strap-on Vibrating Panty is the best choice for many reasons, one of which is the way it is securely positioned so you do not have to worry about it dropping off, thus blowing your cover. You can use it anywhere. You can even turn it on while you are walking around, that is if you can.


  • Securely latches onto your panties - Unlike other vibrating panties, the GUIMI Strap On Vibrating Panty is strapped securely onto your panties by a small belt, thus making it impossible for it to slip off by accident.
  • Two points of stimulation - Unlike other vibrating panties out there that only have clitoral stimulation points, the Strap-on Vibrating Panty has an additional point for perineum stimulation. It will be like being attacked from two points, and you have no choice but to surrender to ecstasy.
  • Ten vibration modes to enjoy - Do you like the vibrations to start slow and then gradually getting stronger? Or maybe you like strong, quick pulses in rapid succession? Regardless of what type of vibration styles you want, this vibrating panties have it all.
  • 100% waterproof design - Although this is not dishwasher safe (you should not even try), you can hand wash this in the sink. The USB charging port has a watertight silicone seal that prevents water from seeping inside. Speaking of charging, you can charge this device using a wall charger or your laptop’s USB port.


  • A bit bulky - These vibrating panties are a bit on the bulky side, and if you are not wearing pantyhose, the strap is quite visible. However, this is just a minor difficulty.

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Wireless Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panties

Wireless Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panties

Are you looking for something that is a little more extreme than the run-of-the-mill vibrating panties? However, do you still want it to be discreet so you can enjoy it anytime, and anywhere you like? One might think that this is a bit of a tall order, but there is actually a product that can provide you with just the thing that you are looking for, the Butterfly Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panty.

If you think a dildo cannot be discreet, then you might be thinking only about the huge “life-like” ones that you usually keep in your dresser drawer. There are some devices that are not quite as big, but they do a wonderful job just the same. For instance, the Butterfly Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panty is not just your usual dildo. It is specifically shaped to always hit your G-spot every time. In addition, it also has an additional clitoris stimulation point, so you are getting double the fun with one device.

If you like living your life to the extreme and you like a bit of adventure when it comes to your sex life, you and your partner will surely love playing around with this tiny, yet very powerful device.


  • Hits the G-spot every time - This dildo is shaped in such a way that you will always hit your G-spot the moment you insert it in you. This way, the moment you turn it on, you will immediately feel like you are close to having multiple orgasms.
  • Additional clitoris stimulation - If you think hitting your G-spot is great enough, wait until you feel what the clitoris stimulation point kicks in. It will be like nothing that you have ever experienced in your life. There are also 27 little bumps that stimulate the labia folds. This tiny little thing has so many points of stimulation that it would be impossible not to get an orgasm in under a minute.
  • Ergonomically-designed - The Butterfly Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panty is designed in such a way that it naturally follows the curves of your body. In addition, it is so lightweight and has such a small profile that your panties can provide more than enough support to keep the dildo in place even when you are walking.


  • Quite noisy - This thing can be quite noisy at the higher settings. Do not, under any circumstances, use this device in a quiet place. The vibrating noise is quite audible, and it definitely could not be mistaken for the vibration of a smartphone.

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Wireless Remote Control Bullet Vibrator Vibrating Panties

Wireless Remote Control Bullet Vibrator Vibrating Panties

Just because you are an active person, that does not mean you cannot be a little naughty. There are adult toys out there that are designed with the physically active crowd in mind, and one such product is the Bullet Vibrator Vibrating Panty. This is a discreet vibrating panty, which is designed in such a way that regardless of how much you move and twist your body, this will always stay in place and function as advertised.

Now, you might be thinking, “why would I want this kind of stimulation while I am working out?” The thing is, some people actually get a kick out of experiencing stimulation while they are out and about and not necessarily just exercising. You can use the Bullet Vibrator Vibrating Panty anywhere you like. Going out for some groceries? Take it with you to make the errand not as boring as it usually is. Going to yoga class? Take it with you to make your workout a bit more challenging.

Even if you are not really an active person, you can still use the Bullet Vibrator Vibrating Panty and enjoy it. The great thing about this is that it is quite powerful for such a small device. You will certainly enter new heights of orgasmic pleasure whenever you use this device.


  • Small and compact - This vibrating panty is so small that you will not even notice that it is there until you turn on the remote. This is perfect for when you feel like getting naughty while in the gym, or while you are walking around the neighbourhood. If anything else, using this will help elevate your heart rate, making your workout more effective.
  • 10 different types of vibration patterns - Sometimes, you just want something different from the usual regular cadence of vibrations, which is something that this product can help you with. The Bullet Vibrator Vibrating Panty has ten different vibration patterns to choose from, like quick short bursts, or long, drawn out vibrations that go up and down. Whatever you are in the mood for, you can be sure that this will provide you with what you want.
  • Small and compact remote control - If you are feeling particularly frisky, give your partner the remote for the vibrating panties and have him turn them on whenever he feels like it.


  • It is quite difficult to put in place - Many people might be delighted that this vibrating panties are so small and are almost invisible when you wear them. However, there are those who do not like the small size as it makes it hard to position.

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Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties for Woman Masturbator

Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties for Woman Masturbator

Sometimes you just want to get a bit naughty at certain times, and sometimes this happens during the middle of the day, in public. However, this does not mean that you have to abandon all respect for yourself. There is a way for you to give in to your base desires but you can do so discreetly. One such product that can help you with this is the Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties for Woman Masturbator.

The Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties for Woman Masturbator is a small yet powerful device that can help you get off regardless of where you are. Do you want to do something naughty while there is a bit of downtime in the office? Pull out the remote and turn on the vibrating panties. Do you want to get off while standing in line at the supermarket? Reach into your bag and turn on the panties remotely. There are definitely no limits as to where you can get off. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

The Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties for Woman Masturbator might be a small, compact thing, but it does pack a lot of power. You should take it easy when using this. Make sure that you do not up the power too soon or else you might lose control of yourself in front of other people.


  • Small and compact design - This device can fit right in the palm of your hand. This means that it will not add a lot of bulk to your panties, and it also does not weigh all that much. This makes it a whole lot more comfortable to wear and use.
  • Ergonomically designed - The device is sculpted in such a way that it will follow all the curves of your body and hug it tightly. The device is also covered in soft, pliable silicone, which makes it comfortable to wear.
  • 100% waterproof - The device is covered completely in silicone, which makes it waterproof. This makes it easy to clean and maintain, too. The charging port has a silicone cover that protects the electronic innards, so you can safely clean the device under the tap.


  • Lack of securing points - Although the device is shaped in such a way that it will not shift from its original position, it would really help if there were straps that will help the item hold onto your undergarment securely. It might not be needed but it does help by calming the mind of the user.

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Dual Stimulator Vibrating Panties with Wireless Remote Control

Dual Stimulator Vibrating Panties with Wireless Remote Control

Are you in the market for a new pair of vibrating panties, or is this the first time that you have heard of such a device? Do not worry. You are not the only one who does not closely follow the trends in the adult toy industry. These devices are actually quite convenient because they offer you the option of being naughty even when you are out and about.

There are times when you just want to be adventurous, but that does not mean you are ready to get rid of all traces of modesty within you. Vibrating panties, like the Dual Stimulator Vibrating Panty allow you to get a little wild while in the presence of other people, but they are none the wiser of what you are doing (unless you actually give in to your baser desires, which you need to be careful about).

The Dual Stimulator Vibrating Panty is different from the other devices like it in the sense that it serves dual purposes. With this device, it is not just the woman who can enjoy herself. Even her partner can get in on the fun as well. This device provides two points of stimulation -inside the vagina and also the outside (the labia and the clitoris). This device might be small but it can provide a whole lot of fun.


  • It has two points of stimulation - The Dual Stimulator Vibrating Panty has a part that stimulates the external parts of the vagina and the other end is inserted to directly stimulate the G-spot. This device gives you double the pleasure in a single package.
  • Ergonomic design - The device is designed in such a way that it conforms and follows the natural curves of the body. This makes the device comfortable to use, you can even wear it for an entire afternoon if you want to.
  • A couple can use it at the same time - The Dual Stimulator Vibrating Panty is so flexible that your honey can use the external stimulation section to massage his testicle while also inserting his manhood inside you.
  • Magnetic charging port - Because there are no exposed charging ports (the charger connects to the devices via magnets), the device is 100% water-resistant. This means cleaning after every use is as easy as pie.


  • Putting it on will take a little getting used to - This device can bend and conform to the shape of your body. With that said, it will take a bit of practice until you find just the right way to wear it comfortably.

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Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties with Stimulation of Cat Tail

Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties with Stimulation of Cat Tail

Do you want something that is cute yet naughty at the same time? Are you the adventurous type of gal who does not let anyone else tell her what to do? If you are, then the Vibrating Panty with Stimulation of Cat Tail is the toy that is perfectly suited for your personality.

Whenever you feel a bit frisky, and you would like to do something that is a bit on the extreme side, then this is the toy for you. Just strap on the Vibrating Panty with Stimulation of Cat Tail, pull your panties over it, and no one can even tell that you are wearing them. You, on the other hand, can really tell that you are using the Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties with Stimulation of Cat Tail, especially when you turn it on using the included remote control.

This vibrating panties might look cute, but that is just a front that hides its beastly power. The Vibrating Panty with Stimulation of Cat Tail has three stimulation points, and each of them is powered by a separate vibratory motors. This means that you will get a whole lot of power, maybe too much for you to handle at once. A word of warning, if you do wear this out in public, be careful not to turn it on at full blast at once. You might get overwhelmed by this “kitty”.


  • Three points of stimulation - Unlike other vibrating panties, this one stimulates the G-spot, the clitoris, and the perineum at the same time. Each point has its own small yet powerful motor, so you will not be left wanting.
  • 10m range of the wireless remote - If you and your partner want to get a bit frisky, you can give him/her the remote to your vibrating panties and just watch from a distance while you struggle to hide the sheer amount of ecstasy flowing through your body. This will take your sex life into a whole new level of excitement.
  • Comfortable silicone exterior - The entire exterior surface of the Vibrating Panty with Stimulation of Cat Tail is covered by non-toxic, soft, and durable silicone. This makes this toy quite comfortable to use, and easy to clean afterwards. You do not have to worry about water getting into the internal electronics. This device is completely water-resistant, so you can wash it under the tap if you want.


  • Battery life is not that long - Because of the three separate motors, the battery of the Vibrating Panty with Stimulation of Cat Tail does not last long. At most, you can probably get less than an hour’s worth of use (using moderate settings) from a single full charge.

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Wireless Remote Control Heating G-spot Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panties

Wireless Remote Control Heating G-spot Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panties

The thing about dildos and vibrators is that they do not usually feel organic. They feel like cold machines most of the time. However, this is not the case for the Heating G-spot Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panty. Not only does this device provide you with stimulation from several different points, it also has a small heating element that provides you with warmth from within. This entirely new sensation can take your sex life into a whole other level.

Sexually adventurous couples are not satisfied with just playing with themselves in the privacy of their own homes. Some couples like to take it to the extreme by discreetly getting off in public without anyone else but the two of them knowing it. This sense of danger and excitement fuels their relationship and makes their bond stronger.

The Heating G-spot Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panty helps couples like them by providing a safe yet effective way to stimulate the woman’s private parts effectively, and without the risk of discovery (unless of course the woman moans in delight too loudly).

The Heating G-spot Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panty provides several points of stimulation all at once. In addition, with its built-in heating element, it is almost impossible not to get an orgasm when using this device.


  • Snug and tight fit - This wearable vibrator will fit most women and the stimulation point almost always hits the G-spot every time. Once the dildo is inserted, the rest of the device will fit snug onto your body, so you can wear any regular pair of panties over them and no one can even tell you are wearing something naughty underneath.
  • The heating element is a nice touch - The heating element in the dildo makes it feel like a real penis is inside you. The warmth also increases the amount of stimulation that your body gets. With the vibrations at full blast and with the heater also engaged, you will reach heights of ecstasy that you have not reached before.
  • Two points of stimulation - The G-spot is not the only part that is getting some love. The Heating G-spot Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panty also has an external clitoris massager that is powered by a separate motor in addition to the internal stimulators. This means you are getting twice the amount of stimuli with just one push of a button.


  • The heating feature drains the batteries quite a lot - You might want to use the heating function sparingly if you intend to use the Heating G-spot Vibrator Dildo Vibrating Panty for an entire afternoon. With both the vibration and heating functions on at the same time, you can only get around fifteen to twenty minutes of use from a full charge.

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What are Vibrating Panties

Just like what the name suggests, a vibrating panty is wireless underwear that vibrates for sexual pleasure. You can think of it as a product, which is somewhere between lingerie and a sex toy. Similar to regular underwear, you can find this product in various cuts and styles.

This means that you can choose a certain design based on the manner through which you intend to wear the panty. For instance, you may want to buy one, which has or does not have a strap. Among the designs that you can choose from are briefs, bikini, G-strings, thongs, bodysuits, and high-waist briefs.

What is good about this adult toy is that unlike the others, this one is pretty discreet. In fact, you can use it to have extra fun sexually in public. It is also less risky when used in public. Just make sure that your facial expression does not give you away when wearing it.

Funny Video: Vibrating Panties in Public

How Do Vibrating Panties Work

Vibrating panties tend to work by acting as a simple panty, which comes with a bullet vibrator within. You can use this in connecting wirelessly to a remote. This is great for those in relationships, particularly guys who want to control their women in public. You can control your girlfriend with it just by using the wireless remote that is with you.

If you want to give her erotic pleasure then all you have to do is to press the button. This will prompt the underwear to vibrate. Doing this will make a girl feel a sudden vibration. What is good about this fun product is that it is useful even when you and your girl are in public.

It can add more fun to your relationship as she will always have the opportunity to enjoy sexual adventures anywhere. It is even possible for you to make your own vibrating panty. The only thing that you have to do is to invest in a wireless bullet vibrator then create a tiny cloth attachment installed at the base of the underwear.

This is the specific spot where the girl’s clitoris touches. One thing that you have to take note of regarding this underwear is that most pairs come with a pocket designed for the vibrator. This is necessary as it promotes ease in removing the toy during the time when you need to wash it.

Some brands put these pockets on the inner lining. Others, on the other hand, are found on the outside. Also, take note that while it is possible to use any other sex toys together with the panty so you can have more fun, several users still prefer the remote-controlled vibe.

Also, the undies work based on the specific product you decided to purchase. You can get a pair, which you can wear the moment you feel like having sex. You can also use those strictly designed for sleeping in. Theoretically, these vibrating wireless toys are supposed to be worn while you are accomplishing your day or doing your daily tasks.

It is because you can just operate or control it surreptitiously with the aid of an app or remote control. It is also possible for you to wear it in bed with your partner, allowing the two of you to have full control over the vibrations.

Regardless of how you intend to use this product, you can expect it to give you a fun, unexpected, and exciting way of using a panty vibrator. You can even do it hands-free, making it very convenient. It is also one way of adding more spice and excitement to your somewhat monotonous sex life.

Benefits of Vibrating Panties

Depending on the kind of vibrating panties you invest in, your partner or boyfriend may have some sort of a limited range as far as giving you pleasurable sex is concerned. He should, therefore, master the art of using the product to control vibration more effectively.

Fortunately, couples now have access to numerous vibrating panty models in the market with a somewhat limitless range. In fact, they can make theirs app-controlled, which means that they can control it with the aid of smartphone apps. This also means that even if your partner is not with you, he can still give you your desired sexual pleasure.

This is the key to adding playtime publicly into your relationship. The best vibrating panties can actually give plenty of benefits to those who are in a relationship, including but not limited to the following:


It is actually possible for you to invest in vibrators that you can just put in a special pocket or compartment of the panty. Once it is there, making it work is just as simple as turning the vibrator on.

It is convenient in the sense that it is controlled with the aid of a removable bullet. This type is also the best option for those who would like vibrating underwear, which is easy to clean. It is also quiet, which makes it all the more erotic.


As mentioned earlier, the best vibrating underwear usually comes in the form of a wireless product. In fact, you can now choose from two wireless options. The first option is that, which utilizes a remote control specifically designed for it.

The maximum distance is not that huge, as it is only around 20 to 50 feet. The other choice is that which you can use using a smart phone app. Many consider it more beneficial than the first one because it does not have a limit in terms of distance.

It is useful regardless of where you are, making it ideal for couples in a long-distance relationship. You also have the choice of using it the entire day and anticipate the time when your boyfriend will turn the remote control vibrator on.

It is also possible to choose one, which is multifunctional, offering several choices as far as teasing or exciting you is concerned. The wireless choice is even designed to give you all-out sexual pleasure, making it more adventurous and fun as you try to stifle your screams of sexual satisfaction when you and your partner try the public fun it tends to stimulate.


The discreetness of this wireless vibrator makes it all the more exciting to use during sexual playtime. Combine it with its versatility and you will surely love these intriguing sex toys.

You have the freedom to use it when you are alone, especially during those moments when you want to feel those exciting tingles. You are also free to use it together with your partner. It is wirelessly controlled, allowing the two of you to use it to be fully out of control with ease.

Even with your clothes on, it is definitely easy to give self-pleasure with this amazing technology.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Vibrating Panty

Buying a good vibrating panty should be done with careful consideration of some important factors as you will be spending money over it. It is crucial to have the ultimate guide for buying one to boost the likelihood of getting a product, which can truly satisfy you. Fortunately, this guide is now created to give you an idea of what you should search for.

Just remember that the majority of these panties are created to be sexy and feature a pouch where you can insert the vibrator. Some of these products also have a clever design in the sense that panty is there while still having sufficient room for you to conceal a vibe.

Also, remember that the vibrator used here is small enough that it can perfectly fit the secret slot in the underwear. If you are still trying to figure out what your best choice is then you might want to start considering these factors as you review and analyze all your options.


Among the first things that you have to examine in the vibrating panty are the exact features built into it. Remember that the features vary from one vibrator to another. While some of them are connected wirelessly with the aid of a Bluetooth and requires you to use a Wi-Fi or internet connection, you can also find those controllable using a remote control.

When assessing the primary features of a specific product, it is a must to figure out which one can fulfill or satisfy your sexual desires. Find one guaranteed to meet all your requirements. Remember that you can’t expect the sexual needs of another to be your own, too.

Also, keep in mind that these vibrating panties are available in various shapes and vibration patterns. You can choose thong, G-strings, boy short, and briefs. The majority of these items are constructed from soft lace materials.

You will instantly know if your choices have the features you need by reading legitimate reviews. It is also advisable to research about the product yourself, so you will know if it is of your desired quality.


Check the size of the wireless underwear, too. It is necessary to ensure that your chosen size fits you well. Aside from ensuring that it fits, it also helps to look for an adjustable panty, allowing you to make adjustments to its size when necessary.

If possible, go for one made of a super stretchy fabric. Your goal here is to find a panty that does not cut into you just because of its extreme tightness. You also want to avoid one, which is too loose that it tends to fall off.

Location of the vibrator

The vibrator’s location should also contribute to your final buying decision. Note that you can’t expect your clit to be in the same location as the other girls.

That said, it is advisable to find a panty with an adjustable location for its vibrator. With that, you can hit your exact clitoral spot just by making adjustments on its present location.


You may want to buy a vibrating panty, which is water-resistant or completely waterproof if you do not want to limit your fun and exciting sexual experience to dry land. The waterproof choice is specifically awesome if you own a swimwear, which has adequate room for housing your vibe.

Wireless operation

If possible, look for a vibrating panty, which can be operated wirelessly. You do not want to use one with wires that can only hamper or limit your movements, do you? Wires can also cause discomfort.

Your best choice, therefore, is a wireless vibrator. What is good about this type is that you can also give control to someone else, particularly your partner, through the remote control. That way, he can play with your sexual fantasies even if he is not around physically.


Check the exact number of batteries needed for this toy to operate. If possible, stay away from panties that need at least one AAA batteries. It is because the multiple number of batteries might just add too much weight to the panty, causing discomfort instead of pleasure.

If possible, look for one, which you can operate using a rechargeable battery in the form of a coin, watch cell, or button. It is also necessary to ensure that one charge is enough for it to give you as much sexual fun and pleasure as possible.


One major benefit of a good vibrating panty is its discreet operation. However, there are also wireless toys that tend to produce some noise. With that in mind, you really have to examine which one is quiet and discreet, so you wouldn’t end up embarrassing yourself in public.

It should operate quietly to avoid experiencing limitations during the time when you are supposed to enjoy using it and satisfy your sexual appetite.

Overall performance

Find out whether the sex toy performs well and offers a hundred percent customer satisfaction. In this case, it helps to check out the various modes, functions, and speeds of each option.

Some manufacturers actually provide up to five choices in terms of speed and modes and vibrations. Others, on the other hand, provide up to ten modes of vibrations. Choose one based on the pressure and speed you are planning to experience when you are wearing the sex toy.

During your search, you will realize that these vibrators are available in various sizes and shapes, so you might find it difficult to spot the right one. With the aid of the factors and features mentioned in this section, though, it would be easy to narrow down your choice depending on what truly matters for you. Price should also be a factor in your final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do women like vibrating panties?

Yes, of course. This is especially true for women who are thrilled to try new things to whet their sexual appetite. Just like men, women have their sexual fantasies, too. One way to satisfy these fantasies and desires even without actual sexual intercourse is to use a vibrator in the form of underwear.

One thing that makes women love these panties is that these come in various materials, including synthetic fabric, leather, lace, or cloth. With the small vibrator sitting conveniently in front, specifically over the part of your clitoris and labia, stimulating your sexual desire is easy.

You can even find vibrating panties with attachments designed for penetrative sex toys, such as a dildo. Another reason why women love it is that you do not need to hold the vibrator in place to make it work. You are even free to do the things that you ought to do while enjoying the strong vibrations.

The fact that it is remote-controlled without the unwanted and uncomfortable wires also makes it an excellent sex toy for couples. It lets you or your boyfriend access the controls. Having the power to control the vibrator is exciting for the two of you. In fact, it can arouse the two of you and let you enjoy unforgettable sex.

You can also enjoy the sexual thrills brought on by the vibrator in public. It is fun to use plus it is quiet, giving you the chance to fulfill your sexual fantasies in peace and discreetly.

How to wear or use vibrating panties?

One thing that you will like about the vibrating panty is that it is easy to wear or use. It is an exciting and new twist to the standard sex toys. It is a great public and hands-free version of a sex toy. If you are interested in the wildness and adventure brought on by these panties, then you might want to know how to wear or use it.

Based on its name, this product is a pair of underwear. The only difference is that it features a secret pouch where you can put the vibrator, which is small and quiet enough for it to work discreetly. You can wear it just the way you are wearing your regular panties.

It is designed in a way that no one can detect its presence beneath your clothes. One idea behind it is that it lets you get off and arouse yourself even if you are sitting right next to your superior during a meeting or talking to your friends in a restaurant. It has a function remote control option, which makes it a fantastic choice for your dinner date outfit.

If you let your partner control it then it pays to set some ground rules, especially if you are still new to using it. You can let him control the remote. At first, you might want to reach an agreement on when he should turn the panties on.

Later on, you can allow him to begin without any warning, putting you on the spot and allowing you to enjoy the best sexual experiences ever. If possible, look for a vibrator with long battery life so you can enjoy the moment. You and your partner can also choose from its settings that usually range from low, medium, and high.

How to clean, care for, and maintain a vibrating panty?

Just like other sex and adult toys, such as those used for masturbation, it is necessary for you to know how to clean, store, and maintain the vibrating panty so it can last for quite a long time. One thing to point out when it comes to cleaning it is to watch out for any sign of damage, crack, and discoloration.

If major issues occur, it would be best to replace the panty right away. Also, take note that most of these panties are special considering the fact that these have some sort of fabric, which you have to clean regularly. When it comes to cleaning, you need to apply a few basic hygiene rules.

The first one is to wash the panty only after wearing it. However, for the vibrator, you need to wipe it down prior to and after using it. Remove the batteries when you are not using the vibrator. If you don’t then you run the risk of draining the batteries and destroying their housing in case of leaks.

Also, take note that some parts of the panty are not completely waterproof. This means that you should avoid submerging it to anything. When it comes to storage, it would be best to put it in a clean bag first before storing it in a dry area. It is also advisable for you to be extra cautious with the battery packs that are not submergible under water. In this case, you might want to use adult toy cleaners.


If you are looking for a more comfortable, sexy, and convenient way of satisfying and whetting your sexual appetite then the best vibrating panties can definitely help. With its ability to hit your G-spot, you and your partner will surely have an experience you will never forget.

It is also the key to adding more spice to your sex life, especially if you are more of the adventurous kind of woman. It is actually good to try new things as far as your sex life is concerned. With this vibrator, you can explore new ways of attaining sexual pleasure and allowing your sexual fantasies to come to life.