About Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

The Blue Nile, a tributary of the River Nile, begins in the mountains of Ethiopia. The Blue Nile of Ethiopia and the White Nile of Uganda become one at Khartum, which means “the place where two rivers meet”. The two rivers, in their brotherly embrace, continue on as the great River Nile. The River Nile carries precious water and nutrients which produce rich soil and lush crops throughout Africa and Egypt.

Like the Blue Nile River, we the proprietors, have come from Ethiopia, and bring with us on our journey the flavorful bounty of Africa. Our families have made Minneapolis our Khartum – the place where we meet. We welcome you to join us and enjoy the cuisine of Ethiopia, which we make and serve in the traditional Ethiopian way. Feel free to use your fingers, as this is our customary way of eating.

The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant opened in 1989 near the corner of Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis, and was the first Ethiopian restaurant in the Twin Cities. Today, we are the longest running African restaurant in Minnesota and the only one to represent the Oromo people, and we have remained an independent, family-owned establishment.

We moved to our current location in the Seward neighborhood in 1996 to become the Blue Nile Restaurant & Lounge, with two levels for music of all kinds, and a full bar featuring fine wine, an array of unique cocktails, and an acclaimed beer list, with local brews, and classics from around the world. Welcome to the Blue Nile, where a world of experience awaits you!


Blue Nile
Restaurant & Lounge

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2027 Franklin Ave. E.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Restaurant Hours:
4pm - 10 pm, Sunday through Thursday
4pm - 11pm, Friday & Saturday

Bar Hours:
4pm - 2am, Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday
4pm - 10:30*, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday

(*subject to change, please call ahead)

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

No Checks