The Taste of Ethiopian Culture

Our Gosa Gosa A sampler platters and individual vegetarian entrees are very popular with those who exclude meat from their diet. Vegans, however, should always remember to ask for no yogurt of barbarre, as the barbarre sauce is constituted with yogurt.

A moist traditional Ethiopian bread, made of tef, wheat flour, water and yeast, giving it a distinctive taste and texture. Our biddeena is fresh as can be, made by hand every day in our kitchen. Tef is the smallest grain in the world, native to Ethiopia, full of protein, calcium, and fiber.

Spicy stews made rich and tasty with Barbarre, a blend of 15 different peppers and spices. Comes with chicken (lukku), beef (sangaa), or lamb (hoolu). These cannot be moderated in spiciness, and all are very spicy, except Maraka Sangaa Huurdi, which uses a milder curry, with beef and potatoes. Each entree comes with a vegetable side, as well as an extra dollop of barbarre if you want to get it hotter, or yogurt to cool it down.

Akaawii dishes are sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and peppers, and can be ordered to specified heat preference – mild, medium or hot. Comes with chicken, beef or lamb. A vegetable side dish comes with each order, as well as a dose of barbarre sauce to spice it up, or yogurt to cool it down.

A spicy sauce made with a blend of tomato, jalapeno, garlic, and ginger with a touch of lemon.

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